Financial Audit Bureau

The Financial Audit Bureau is responsible for processing and auditing premium tax filings for all insurance companies. All insurers authorized to transact business in New Mexico and all property bondsmen, self-insurers, title companies and risk retention groups are subject to pay premium tax on a quarterly basis.


The ACH credit issue is now resolved, please email Leatrice Geckler ( for further information and instructions.
The originating bank ACH ID# 585 6000 565
Premium Tax Filing Update
Electronic Filing is Required for 2nd Quarter 2018

Beginning July 1, 2018, the quarterly premium tax forms and instructions will be available for companies to file and make payments online. ALL companies will be required to e-file their premium tax reports.

ALL companies will be required to e-file their premium tax reports either through Premium Pro Enterprise or online at the website below.

Premium Tax Due Dates

  • Premium Tax Final's are due April 15th of the previous calendar year.

  • Premium Tax 1st Quarters are due on April 15th every year.

  • Premium Tax 2nd Quarters are due on July 15th of every year.

  • Premium Tax 3rd Quarters are due on October 15th of every year.

  • Premium Tax 4th Quarters are due on January 15th of every year.

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Address Information

Complete the form below if your company has a change of address, contact information, or would like to inform Office of Superintendent of Insurance of an address for a specific assessment.

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